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My Storm

Date Written: November 5, 2017

In the beauty of each storm 
Which no one appreciates.
Lies a little safe haven
Where my faint heart recuperates. 

Thunder pierces silence 
A reassurance that I've longed 
Each raindrop is a tear shed
For each pain I've kept too long 

Beyond the vast horizon 
A dying breath of daylight
Living through this darkness
I've found solace in every night.

Yet when the storm cloud passes
Leaving a world so dark & black
I'll just slip away into the silence 
That's the day I will never come back.

One comment on “My Storm”

  1. Cassiopeia     November 16, 2017

    This is really good! I’m on the website for a school project and haven’t really found anything good but you’ve proved me wrong.

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