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Beneath The Vault

Date Written: September 24, 2017

Inside was no surprise. The silence was the loudest noise. The greens just sits there waiting  to escape and sear a hole in every person's pocket. The gem gleam is unseen in the laser beams that guard them with undaunting  pristine. Bonds they are bold some are even dusty and old. Unopened boxes that takes 2 keys to reveal personal treasures no one wants to share. Documents of all  to whom been there now and in from years long past. Bars of oar piled in packs every one would love to have just one of those stacks. All on top of a floor measured 3 feet thick with a door of steel just as thick. The only thing to hear is click click click early in the morn when the seal on the heavy door becomes unstuck.

One comment on “Beneath The Vault”

  1. elvis sinatra     September 24, 2017

    click click click! 5 laser beams!

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