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E difference

Date Written: September 26, 2017

Fear like bark on a tree covers it all, here Fido.


Scared like a scarab, lethal and rare on any bear.


Love wrapped in a blanket keeps you warm, like a fire on a cold windy night.


Happy dressed in a jacket, snug and toasty like a woolen parka on a bare back jenny .


Sad bare and in your underwear, cold and icy like an raindrop in the Arctic.


Desperate starved for mercy, like a virgin about to be propelled  into a volcano.


Panic pass the Prozac, as a soldier's settles disputes with non such subtleties.


Free spread your wings feel the expense of the expanse, you might have an eagle's trance.


Care beware and don’t swear tender ears are everywhere, bird in the brush better than a camel kicking up dust.


Hope don't mope mystery  in the soap, sure as a purpose in a porpoise.


Transparent  peel back those pages read it proud, just as a goose will nip at your rumpus.


Indifferent nothing could be less apparent, like a Mamba strike and then nothing to it.

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