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E & G (2)

Date Written: September 16, 2017

With the most evil kind of good pretend to intend in the end you will inspire desires of those who enquire.


Admire the quagmire of the experienced novice whos advice has no device.


Deep within the surface of independence lays freedom bound in responsibility crisp with unreasonable consequence.


Estimate the value of superficiality with the gold standard of a washed up superhero.


Villain that rescuers the heroin from the addiction of their conviction to honor the inception of convention.


Oust the joust of darkness that scatters the bright sky of a summer's day. 


Noose the inferno and expose them in liquefied mirrors of exfoliating decay. 


Exercise their misery in false history force them to ingest egocentric anomalies.


Rusted justice sealed and unwrapped in busted buckets of milky glass.


Muster the truth of every lie that denies the fate of a heartless humble tumblers. 


Pound prejudice into the salty ground spite the fight of what you think is righteous and ground.


Destin to circle a square out of every undulating aspiration that provokes irritation what pointless humiliation of hesitation in every anticipation.

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