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Examine this

Date Written: September 10, 2017

An x in every, place the royals dance with grace.

An x in every, place pirates hide their disgrace.


An x in every place a lover scribes a kiss of longingness.


An x in every. place an answer is placed on a test of your learned excellences. 


An x on every, document placed by the illiterate.


An x on every, tree the mark of an lumberjacks lethal intent.


An x on every, sign a definite hint not to detour on that domain.


An x on every, baseball just a hint of Americans unique ingenuity.


An x on every, paycheck a reminder of government interference. 


An x on every, woodworkers starting place they will surely make something of intrest.


An x on every, pizza sliced to your device of antipation.


An x on every, clock letting you know that it six o`clock is it time to dawn your socks.


An x on every, bottle of Rx to cure what ails you.


An x on every, scope a hunter uses to execute their bounty.


An x on every, shirt big enough to cover that courplant belly.


An x on every, Union Jack that represent the events of history.


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