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Feathers Hooves and other Stuff

Date Written: September 21, 2017

Fibbly-dibbly isn't it fun to run under the maple tree squeaked the wee tiny chickadee.


Play all day rolling around in the hay nay nay nay backed the horsey named mayday.


Caw caw clambered the blue and green macaw his name too long to relay. 


Bray bray bray echoed the jubilee jenny.  


Whiny whiny winned the polka dot flying pony.


Slush gush slush gush slush gush here comes  Helen hippopotamus.


Grumble grumble hummed hickory chicory platypus.


Rice rice rice rimmed the thrice mice.


Plump plump precious piped the pangolin.


Tang tang tang in sawing the orangutang.


Muss fuss muss fuss here comes Gus the rhinoceros.


Swell fellow  it's time to lay your head upon my pillow.

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