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Land Shark

Date Written: September 20, 2017

Nestled beneath the earth hunched down in the lea. 


The stalks of vender tremble and rumble, restless there is no time to delay.


Scurry and hurry all in a panic the woodland creatures freeze in their tracks anticipating the waylay from a covert attack.


Quivering elms undulating from the wake of soil what a recoil, toss all animate into a foil.


Lunging teeth  beneath pitter patter feet the enormous beast is about to feast. 


Like a harpoon crack of thunder flash of insight in calm dusky sky strikes the beast ends the day without delay.


Was this yesterday or today perhaps newmarro?

One comment on “Land Shark”

  1. azzow2     September 20, 2017

    I up loaded the wrong image deleting doesn’t seem to be an option.

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