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Lawless Garden

Date Written: September 11, 2017

Dancing daisy draped over dreadful deadly dandelions dwindling diligently with delight.


Lavish lavender lazing lushly on long loach like lines.


Posh pansies poised poignantly over a pagoda paint pinkish.


Lilacs loudly lounging on lumpy loaf of lawless land.


Raunchy roses wound round and round rusty rotundas reluctantly radically.


Incognito irises inch independently indifferent to instant incineration.


Many marigolds moods move motionless mountains marvelously.


Amazing azaleas amount aimlessly among azure altitudes of amorous.


Tirelessly tulips tiptoe tipsily tipping tiny tongues in twisted trepidation. 


Lingering  lilies love langostinos  laced with lots of lumpy ghee.


Outrageous orchids operate openly in obtuse obscurity.


 Separately snapdragons  are serious suitors smothered in solemn secrecy .


Vivacious violets vent vapors of vicious vivid vistas.

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