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Lobo`s aver disaster

Date Written: October 8, 2017

Lobo lingers lusting with hunger. 


Lobo  lurking in the slumber of daylights awareness.


Lobo  thirst is aired in the sandy mist.


Lobo  whiffs the vapors of a lamb freshly birthed.


Lobo  stalks slow and stealthy slithering like silk in the sagebrush.


Lobo linger as the prey beys, just a leap away.


Lobo thunk and it stumbles, eyes a blur see a jenny through it cascading tear.


Lobo whimpers and stumbles back  hackles lay flat.


Lobo  all limp hunter stumbles over the ashen lump.


Lobo in a sack on the way to be stretched on a rack.


Lobo tough and tanned soften that hide turn it into a stole for a june bride.


Lobo on display upon a vixens nape, hunger is that a grave mistake?

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