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Milestone of the vulnerable

Date Written: October 21, 2017

Savage are the thoughts of forgetfulness, disguised in  a mist of remembrance.


Slumber no longer a familiar paramour in the late moon hours.


Twinge in every hinge, tenement getting dusty and rusty.


Once was no pain no gain swapped for pain to gain with strain.


Melting mirror the images of youth no more.


Wisdom comes with the gray in the loft, so many opine.


Courage of the days, to remain sane in the circus of the zeitgeist.


Tonicity is like a polluted city, physician elevate to alleviate phobias of shortened fate.


Memories of a well lived past, stories to share with those you hold dear.


Opinions expressed of deeds gone awry.


Praise the people that have paved  the way.


Adulation to those that gave you your way.

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