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Names in place

Date Written: October 2, 2017

Sue San; The sane brave misbehave drives you in to ambiguity!

Warren Ward; Curiosity coward clamoring conundrum!

Steven Quinn; Invincible to the unimaginable  intriguing!

Herbert Hadley; Haven of hideous humor by the scars of war!

Amanda Aperture; Focussing on frustration forever longing for more!

Stanley Studio; Stern solid pillar of shimmering fortitude!

Tina Taboo; Pace in your shoes ponder the precious!

Rebecca Ruinous; Relish the lavish of  the ridiculous!

Adam Hem; Mistaken mayhem of reckless memories!

Candice Cumberland; Taunting and flaunting tirelessly inciting dignity!

Neil Nester; Needling nervously relating nonsense endlessly!

Aleister McAlister; what a fright of insight unexpectedly!

Brent Bray; Brave only can only be got by the truly afraid!

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