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Ovaled triangles 2 rounded rectangles

Date Written: October 5, 2017

Echoing  chasms of time  clanging in deaf ears of the sublimely blind.


listing lips pressed against a chess board of endless  stalemates.


Tremoring beads of sweaty dew glisten in the midnight horizon.


Caressing feelers of a butterfly tickling the pusssywillows  makes  them quiver.


Gnawing jaws of a lady bug chewing on a stick of chocolate  covered licorice.


Sap of the untapped maple  tree swelling up to  ensnare a  pesky mosquito.


Dancing illumination  of a firefly igniting imaginations  while tangling incantations.

Pollen oozing out of the unmade flowers of fame  and power.


Brewing ponds percolating with the locations of motionless embracing.



The reflection of life inverted to recollections of  astonishment.


Inhaled through a tunnel of invigoration producing puddles of perspiration.


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