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Paranormal Paradoxical?

Date Written: September 20, 2017

 Telepathic Tibetan monk, I think not? 


Aliens among us, the idea should be sung to us? 


Bigfoot Outback, better think back?


Voodoo, some think it will turn you a zombi boo hoo boo hoo?


Magnetic or not, that triangle will tie you into a knot?


Spirit in the metrist, oh dearest? 


Gremlin in you engine, that will get you a swearing? 


Sprite in your pipe, is your cap on to tight? 


Is that a goblin riding your toboggan, you must have thunked your noggin? 


Omen in you poem, this could get you rowing? 


Monster in the mere, oh dear don't get near? 


Geist in you rice, that's just not nice? 


Wrath in your place, best make haste? 


Fact and fiction all a stirring cast a conviction.

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