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Pound me flat, I will stand

Date Written: September 21, 2017

A stone you can throw and smash the class I have amassed.


A rock tossed might crumble my tower of esteem power.


A brick heaved directly at me may concave my history.


A crag  slung could crumble what is left of me.


A boulder flung over your shoulder would level my fortitude.


A pebble in my pocket reminds me of the stairs up there.


A  pile of gravel pave me a road to Valhalla right here in Gaea.


A grain of sand time in my hour glass can withstand .


A crystal in my fist could zap me right out of this.


A gem in my purse to spend would look good with a friend .


A nugget snuggled in my boot could cause a loud hoot.


A promontory elevates to many personal victories.


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