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Rip in Personality

Date Written: October 2, 2017

Tare a hole in the fabric of reality pull me through, am I tough think it through pull no punches.


Is that smear on the mirror a coded message from a ghostly spy? Nowhere to hide in this paradox of imagery.


Deity vxed  in your complexity? Is religion just an escape word for normalcy?


 Emancipate from commonality encode you reality with a trope of humility .


Divide your personality  into multifarious state of incorporated day to day liberation.


Inhale the pale metamorph them in an equation spew them out in a cannonade splatter them into a polychromasia of inspiration.


Separate the hate that does not belong on anyone's plate. Disburse that disdain in vast indifferences ensepulcher your repugnance.


Implode the few that cause chaos in any social class. Subordinate the ones that provoke the animus.


Levitate the heavy gravity of any gloomy state of morbidity. Inate is the provision of self fulfillment. 

One comment on “Rip in Personality”

  1. azzow2     October 2, 2017

    (Aside) From what I have observed the inherent way we relate needs to change. If you are in love and it ends you go through stages of grief. However I have observed a rather one dimensional aspect of our personalities. You do not really miss the person, you miss the way that person made you feel about yourself. This applies to every endeavor incorporated in your life. If you are doing charity you feel emotions these emotions are how you feel about you actions. Same goes in reverse do something off kilter and you have emotions of self loathing again this is a egotistical response to your actions.

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