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Sara Mooney

Date Written: September 21, 2017


Sara Mooney sat with them in matrimony.  


Sara Mooney was with them in harmony.


Sara Mooney flew in staunchly on the stork.  


Sara Mooney swisher that wish on that five years olds kiss.


Sara Mooney scrambled and  rambled when those keys were laid upon that sixteen year old's hand.


Sara Mooney went on a spree sowing oats in that eighteen olds history.  


Sara Mooney sat in the saloon on day in June watching that twenty one year old sipping on a schooner filled with pilsner.


Sara Mooney dressed to impress displays dignifiedly that diploma hoping for success.


Sara Mooney lies witness to all the progress.


Sara Mooney of apathy slogged by vitality rest rest rest.


Sara Money stands by you in mortality life not dismissed.


Ceremony in memory of youth well spent.

One comment on “Sara Mooney”

  1. sunburned     September 21, 2017

    good and flowing

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