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Shirting a brief history

Date Written: October 21, 2017

Waking in the morn dawning on my shirt, I reflect upon the  past.

As a tot, mom would inside out my tiny smock.

A littler later as a  teen searching for a jersey, that was clean would drive me insane,

Iron and fold that, Navy taught me to be bold, stow those t`s neat  and clean.

Wear a uniform to work my name embroidered right over my heart.

Button down to put on, walk around in a fancy town and catch a  batting eye.

Cover up with a turtleneck, ski with  those poles go and go.

V-neck settled under a cozy flannel, toasty will you be, on a bitter winter day.

Wrap up  in a sark  and snooze all through the moon light hue.


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