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Switch witch

Date Written: October 10, 2017

Did you just see that ?


Did that witch just flip a switch, turned that ditch into a pinch?


A witch, which witch the one that is barely  wearing  stitch?


It`s a cinch the witch that is waving a hickory switch, look close you can't miss this miss.


Have you ever seen such a witch, one  as pale as a birch timber?


I could swear I had seen that witch she  was swishing while fishing, there was  a perch in her purse.


Watching a certain witch she  shimmered as the light became dimmer.


Whisky was that witch trying to sash an itch.


Waned that witch the one being weaned on how to inspire self-esteem.


Wily was the witch being winched into a romance novel .


Wicked witch, did she hitch you to a finch?


Wave to that witch, she may blow you a kiss.  

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