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The Absurd Speculator

Date Written: September 30, 2017

Too big for your britches bend over rip the stitches.


So quiet you can hear a pin drop implode a megaphone while warping an amplifier.


Watching the clock with binoculars under a microscope.


Scratching an itch what an invisible cinch of a clinch.


Taking in a moment ponder that thought like inserting your hand in a bottomless pocket. 


Blank stare beware there is not nothing nowhere.


Empty thought are your brains tied in knots?


Baited breath what a stinker, got you hook line and sinker.


Cat got your tongue? We're you licking her fur?


Wrap your mind around it, what a concept.


Got your hodgepodge in a mishmash quash the succotash.


Just shards of thoughts though twisted in a conglomerate.


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