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The Experienced Novice

Date Written: September 17, 2017

Life be quick, life be slow if you ponder  it will all flow.


Life be of glee, life sometimes causes you to flee.


Life has challenges, life is occasionally full of inconceivable stuff.


Life is full of beauty that it at times shines so  bright, life can cause you fright.


Life can be complex and perplexed, life that is meek brings quandary and simplicity.


Life that blooms is sure to fill the room, life of morose is along the path of gorse.


Life can fill the void and bring you joy, life lead mean needs some bellows on the flame of self-esteem.


Life lead clean can seem a dream, life of filth will get you all clogged up.


Life spread far and wide breathes in the great divide, Life of the shallow empty and hollow.


Life enjoy is far from bleak, Life encompassed by dread will imbibe your vibes.

One comment on “The Experienced Novice”

  1. azzow2     September 17, 2017

    I made this complex yet at time stumbling hence the title.

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