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Trek of Tenderness

Date Written: September 11, 2017

Purge the serge tip it until it tumbles up on over.


Ponder the way far over yonder.


Fold the fodder fumble you forks, till those tines chime with rhyme.


Gather your thoughts grab the goose egg, capature that glance that puts you in a trance.


Excute deliberateness, in your baseless excuses of momentary madness. 


Gather all your heys of aquatainces and friends you wish to pay homage to.


Plow the fields of errors of that made you you, they are the crop in to which grew you.


Elaborate is the untold story of your history.


The box that holds destiny is bottomless, invest  in it your evidence.


Pay attention to others kindness, the karma will return to kiss you.


Adulation of life well spread will elate you.

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