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Unrep for the very best

Date Written: September 3, 2017

Navy ship of grey skipping on the sea some would say this one would save the day.


Not with guns of bold just a crew with wits to endure those end less nights on watch and java so strong that would  shine the brass, even better than the wool that was meant to never-dull .


Boatswains pipe would trill reverberating its time for looking​  arms with a ship in need of thing to feed .


Monkeys fist tossed across, hook those winches up quick and fast this time will not last.


Sling the slings get it done chiefs gona come undone. 


Pull away work all day again and again.


Finding time to play underway pin your pal play some cards throw down those ivory bones spin a yarn of piers gone past.


Watch out for you others of the crew they always got your back no matter what you may yack.


Iron your shirt, all spic and span shoes so shiny some would swear that they shimmer like a mirrors.


All stand tall, breast all a crest shipmates ensure each other look there best, kakis walk by ogling eyes hope that they do, be impressed by the crew that is the sharpest dressed.


Slow we go in the harbor pilot is a pro won't be long.


 Heave ho ropes all taught, down the gang plank goes.


Race to who can be first don those civvies rush and rush that miss needs a kiss. 


Guzzle the suds make memories of pleasantries and fun.


Count down the days till you tour ends looking back later and cherishing that of which you had once dread.


Now matured and learned.


Thinking of those  near miss that almost sent us to king Neptune's domain .

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