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Wants to do?

Date Written: October 3, 2017

Is that yacht in your water closet?


Is that a dragon in your den?


Do you have a hippo in your haberdashery?


Are the cherubs in your cutlery?


Do you have diamonds in your duff?


Have you needled the hay?


Maybe hammer in the hammock?


Can one picnic in the pantry?


 Did you see fungi in the fridge?


Did elm fill up your realm?


Did a goat chew your hope?


Can you smell the pail?


Is their a pane in the pain?


Did that dollar get lost in the fodder?


Can you carouse  in a carafe of Chablis? 


Wants and hopes sealed  tightly in a tin can, shoved way back on the shelf in our minds just waiting for the opportunity  to explore and exploit some excitement. 

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