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Wonders and others

Date Written: October 13, 2017

Slither down the cobras back, splash in the venom of wicked past.


Dance on the bear trap, feel the slam of your silly  misdeeds.


Fall down the elevator shaft of would of could have should have.

Stick you tongue in the light socket  of did I just do that.


Drive your car into the wall of he/she is impossible .


Burn the unexplained yearn to act a fool.


Bare you bewilderments to a ball bearing it can't hear anyway.


Drown your thoughts of forgiveness in a jigger of ammonia.


Clean your dirty mind with a razor of do me a favor.


Scrape away the paint of errors escaped.


Shoot a bullet at the fortress of your self doubt.


After all is said and done most every one disappears in a enigma wrapped in a conundrum of mystery

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