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Driving by the Highway on a Rainy Evening

Date Written: October 22, 2017

When the rains poured like never before,
And the thunders roared and the lightening hit the grounds,
And the stormy winds shook the body of my van,
And the roads ahead disappeared from my sight, 
And when my heart began to beat in panicky strokes,
I heard a sound, soft and gentle, that lulled to my ears,
"I will wait for you, beyond these hurdles, 
in the shape of a host of beautiful rainbows",
Her words in their magical spell melted all my trepidations away,
And I kept driving my van with the joy of hope,
Thunders, lightening, rains, and the storms passed away,
The skies became clearer and the evening sun reappeared,
But the rainbows alone never came, nor did I hear her words again.

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