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The Warmth of Winter

Date Written: October 22, 2017

Ask me not why she's the warmth of winter,
It's just that I met her in the winter.
She'd as well be a cooling breeze in the summer,
Had I met her in the time of summer.
She'd as well be the soothing soul of spring,
Had I met her in the time of spring.
She'd as well be the aura of an awesome autumn,
Had I met her in the time of autumn.
It's just that she's an angel of God!
In my heart gave she a fever, a passion, and a craze
From cupid, chanted sweetly thus her lips.
O the Lord of love, thou hast gained me back,
From a dreary world mundane and mucky.
How blessed it is to feel, the feeling of the fire of love!
Flew from her lips words as sweet as the ancient apple,
Words that wedded the seasons of my heart.
She gave me the mirth of the sap divine,
And lulled me to the recesses of lovely reveries.
She told me the taffy tales of lovers, of laymen and lords,
And of all that are lovely in the world of God,
All but what I wanted to harken most,
And all but what I wanted to say the most.
O my beloved, why dost thou forsake those words?
The beauteous of all human expressions!
Did she sigh in silent tone? Ay, did she sigh that it's too late?
Did she say in noiseless voice? Ay, did she say that we shall meet?
Did she mean we keep away, till the gates of paradise?
Sure in faith, sure in hope, sure in love, so I do believe.
For, what's heaven if not for true love's sake?

One comment on “The Warmth of Winter”

  1. River.Ophelia     October 23, 2017

    I loved it very much

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