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Nontraditional love

Date Written: October 8, 2017

When their eyes meet everyone in the room freeze

Her love for her is beyond anything known to man

And they shine like stars when they are together

If love could kill we all would be on our knees

With time the rose grows and their love expand

2 beautifull women who's love will grow forever

Everyone is jealous of what they share

Sharing a smile makes everyone melt

Exchange a kisses the world stops to observe the magical moment

Look for a love like theirs but it will come really rare

They dont even need to exchange words to know how the other felt

They dont hide a thing their hearts are wide open

2 woman decalring their love to the world

May they stay together for till their days end

They never leaves each others sight

Cause a second without her would mean another lost pearl

They are the most beautifull gift god have ever send

They wont ever be apart witout a fight

2 angels spreading out their wings

Opening their hearts for what ever life brings

One comment on “Nontraditional love”

  1. Erica G     October 8, 2017

    Love it, explains so much about love and life without care

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