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I Will

Date Written: October 19, 2017

I will be the tic of your clock

The burst of your bubble

I will be the flame in your fire

The switch on when you are off

And the rhythm of your blues

I will be the light in your night

The hot when you are cold

I will give from take

and give back to you

I will catch the drops from your tears

And make you laugh

I will be the high when you are low

I will be the twinkle In your eyes

And this kiss on your lips

I will be the knot in your tie

And the truth when they lie

I will be the sing of your song

And be there when all else is gone

I will be the sweet of your sour

And the minutes of every hour

I will be your love, And remove hate

I will give and not take

I will give you something

When there is nothing

I will be last so you can be first

And be your rich when you are poor



Who am I?



Bea Duran



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