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My choice ?

Date Written: October 19, 2017

Alcohol and drugs are an obsession of the mind

which enhances the body to chemical abuse

And born in this is addiction

so together the mind and body are enslaved in addiction

in a competitive torment and torture

for one cannot live without the other

Drugs and alcohol are a deceiving remedy for

pain, problems, fears, unhappiness and priorities

It's temporary, It's a false healer and a false high

therefore condemning yourself to destruction and death

Addiction is a war within ourselves

It is a self induced poison

It is a fatal attraction

It is life controlling, without mercy

It gives you the courage to die

It is a slow suicidal death


Poisons! Wars were not won alone!


It's a legal poison; Tobacco and Alcohol

The Price $

Your life ?



Bea Duran


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