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Seven Sins Of Me

Date Written: October 19, 2017

I was alive, but yet I was dead

I walked to talk, but my words meant nothing

Just words of air, lies in flight

My walk took me nowhere, just to endless dead ends

My life was a dare to the point of strife

Jealousy of who, not I

I didn't cheat, that's a lie

He said – she said, only brought me war to get

Even I cried

I loved and took of this world

My thoughts were selfish and dry

I was good and lost to sin you see

Sad and lonely, my joy was not within

Joy was fake, I could only laugh at myself

The emptiness I felt

My heart was a constant pain

I could not find peace, everyone lied

Everyone steals, everybody takes, no human's safe

I envied the rich, was one of the poor

I didn't understand, I lived in the dark

I wanted more

The Devil wanted me to take his mark

To stay in sin, to give in

Vanity and pride would keep me alive

Lust and greed was his deal

Just bow to him, my soul to take, that ole slithery snake

I wanted it all, I was good

and lost you know

What would I choose

To live or to die, corrupt was I

The price is high, this choice within

Would I stay lost, covered in sin

Oh those tasty, luscious seven sins


By Bea Duran


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