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Why did you leave this early?

Date Written: September 10, 2017

I was awakened by a staggering news

that you already passed away

I was stammered and the only word I said

was Why did you leave this early?


I thought it was all gossips and pranks

but the body inside the white box

Whose wearing a americana suit helps me 

wake up to the reality and lead me to the question

Why did you leave this early?


Your too young to be gone

You still have a lot of things to be dne

but you left and leave it undone

Why did you leave this early?


You don't even left us bequeth

before your last breathe

Not even a single sentence that said

Don't be doleful because of my death

but be cheerful instead and have faith


Many people loved ou dearly

Especially your parents who will love you eternally

And us your friends who will loves you merely

That's why we can't blame ourselves asking

Why did you leave this early?



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