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The Disease

Date Written: September 5, 2017

A doctor of the plague it was my job to save 

Every single person man, woman and babe

So behind my mask I continued my task

Averted my gaze from the putrid haze


I must have done this for weeks at a time

But never did it weigh down on my mind

Too many faces and not enough names 

Each one lost was more of the same 


Foolish to think I would be unaffected 

Behind the mask I was protected 

But it wasn't me that cause me strife

I could not shield the love of my life


Though she was not ever promised to me 

That did not stop my fantasy

Of coming back to her and the children 

Inside our home the family was built in


I don't think she ever knew I existed

Until that day when I gave her assistance 

Her mouth dry and tears down her cheeks

The poor thing had been sick here for weeks 


How could anyone save this wilted flower

They said it's done and she has soured 

Disregarding caution I worked and toiled

How dare they call my poor love spoiled 


For once I was the focus of her attention

Sadly I knew it wasn't real affection 

I hate myself for feeling any cheer

But here I was not far but near


I saw the whole world in her perfect eyes

Time stood still when they locked with mine

Those eternal moments will always endure

Within my head and heart I assure 


I held her hand as she began to fade 

when they lowered her into an early grave

I screamed I cried "Let me go too

Without you I can not make it through"


Dulled and dazed I think months went by

Hard to tell when you can't look at the sky

My head sulking facing the ground 

What was the point to look around 


I finally decided not put up a fight 

removed my mask to catch the blight 

I expected to breathe and start to choke

But I guess life had another cruel joke


No matter how hard I tried and tried

I remained here while all the rest died

I thought I could end it in a matter of ease

But it seems I can't even catch the disease 

2 comments on “The Disease”

  1. Zip Zappa     September 5, 2017

    Amazing! Great piece, absolutely perfect. Thank you for sharing!

  2. comnpkpillai     September 8, 2017

    Tried best to save, nice message ,good write, easy to get to the potent

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