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strongest little lady

Date Written: November 4, 2017

The strongest little lady

short and little she stayed,

and even when she couldnt fight her battles

she had to fight them any way

her father never loved her ,so she always did say,

consumed in his many love affairs

her mother did her best ,

never showing doubt even when she couldnt bare,

but she was also lost , broken by the affair

she was a strong little lady

though she had a family

never could she show weakness, especially to the wealthy

for she was the strongest little lady

working two jobs

with shifts and studies 

working two jobs

no life ,no rest ,no buddies

the strongest little lady 

dare you tell her to quit

dare you tell her to stop

fireworks come your way pop! pop!

for in her deepest struggles ,

she triumps daily

the strongest little lady

– Devashnie Govender 2017

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