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My Darling

Date Written: October 21, 2017

How beautiful you are my lady

The lady that has been seen

The way you smell like daisys

And how you are my queen

My fair lady, I want to know

That I love thee so

As we trek through the snow

I will protect thou with an arrow and bow

My heart pounds for you my darling

All I think about is you

My mind is always swirling

When I think about my future with you

We could fly like angels in the sky

Holding each other in the night

So, I have to never say goodbye

All through are midnight flight

How beautiful you are my lady

It's like a movie scene

My mind goes a bit hazy

When I see you walk to me.



One comment on “My Darling”

  1. BlackFeather42     October 21, 2017

    First Poem, Hope you like it!

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