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In Memory of Las Vegas’ Victims

Date Written: November 7, 2017

Blood touches blood on the street of Nevada,

The night the devil takes vacation in Las Vegas.

We ask how much blood will end this war on the innocent?


Those who feed the guns better than the gunners

Must know that he who sleeps with guns will one day dream of war.

He who keeps guns will one day wish all men were hostiles.

There are no good children in a gun; they are emissaries of death.

Having no good message from their wishers.


We heard about those who died shielding their lovers

from errands of death.

We heard about courageous men who bore their wives

like babies as they tarried to sleep, too tired to wake as their bodies

Profusely sweated blood, and then closed their eyes

with hands washed in saliva and tears.

We thought about those who cheated death by tarrying

for their lovers in hospitals to whisper in their ears

“now I have seen your eyes I can die.”


Our hearts are sad at the thoughts of your French leave

Your light is brief, you come out once like the moon

to lighten the mood of darkness and then leave.

As the sun breaks the chain of darkness,

And its memory puts the night in good mood.

We will remember your light hid in thick darkness.


Sleep on beloved. We’ll meet in dreams

And share stories of broken dreams,

Stories of mystery that parts us like flood,

Stories of men who can’t be woken by their snores.

There are many who slept without a dream.

There are others who dreamt without waking up.

Although, you didn’t live to see your dream, you slept well.

Sleep well beloved, our mighty river of benevolence will bear you

Safe to harbour and when you find the coward, the gunman,

Who learnt the art of shooting without corking,

Please, forgive him. Only love defeats hate.

                                                                Alade Blessing

2 comments on “In Memory of Las Vegas’ Victims”

  1. sunburned     November 7, 2017

    Good and flowing

    1. Blessing     November 7, 2017

      Thank you.

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