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Date Written: October 23, 2017

At first I thought this is just an ordinary love,

But you’ve proven me wrong on what we have.

 Your love for me has no boundaries,

Like a ship sailing unto thousand seas.


Our love was founded by God,

Though our first meet up is so odd.

 And now here we are,

Proving that our love is bizarre.


We’ve started like I’m a damsel in distress,

Needed to be saved by a man wearing its cavalier dress.

Chitchatting like there’s no tomorrow,

Not knowing that love will instantly follow.


As time goes by, our love gets stronger,

Amidst of lots of immature bicker.

Within those times our patience was tested,

Trying our best so that this love will not be wasted.


Thank you for accepting me, for who I am,

Cared for me like your most precious gem,

Treated me like a princess,

And made me feel that I’m priceless.


Abnormality may strike me often,

Though this is normal for us women,

I can swear that you are my only treasure,

That even the greatest man can’t measure.


So before my poem ends let me tell you these,

“I Love you and always will”  

I may not be as sweet as you envision me to be,

But I can promise that I am yours and your bride-to-be.



One comment on “I WAS MADE FOR YOU”

  1. sunburned     October 23, 2017

    Awesome,blessings one and all

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