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Life Goes On

Date Written: October 26, 2017

Let me tell you a story,

about a boy who loved a girl.

Their love so passionately alive,

as beautful as an oysters pearl.


They found each other,

through complete chance.

Fell in love instantly,

Like a fairytale romance.


From the first date,

to the first kiss.

To the first everything,

How it was bliss.


He'd tell her she looked beautiful,

then she'd deny it with respect.

So he'd pull her close and say,

to me you'll alwayd be perfect.


But our story doesn't end there,

with deep reget I just say.

Because things go complicated,

so she walked away.


I'll spair you the details

of what went wrong.

Just know he loved her so much,

it was just the end of their song


Time went on and so did they,

however one thing did remain.

His love never died for that girl,

so now he just feels pain.


I promise you he's still smiling,

his happiness has never gone.

Because he'll cherish that girl always

and know that life goes on.

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  1. Vivian Covey Harrod     October 26, 2017


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by Bradley Croke
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