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Who She Was?

Date Written: October 4, 2017

She was the one who took the first step,
She was the one who knew me through depth.
But when she left me for him, 
I never could be the man that I have been.

She tore me from my soul, 
She lured me into a trap.
She saw me like a bowl,
A bowl full of crap.

I dreamt about her, day and night.
I couldn't keep her out of my sight.
Whenever she took a breath, It was not just for herself, 
Little did she know that it was for me too, who couldn't breathe himself.

She peeked through the window, 
Waiting for him to arrive.
Little did she know,
That I could give anything for her, as a bribe.

But then the time came, where she slapped him,
for another guy, just like him,
Whom she could throw away in a bin.

From that day I asked myself  'who she was?'
A Devil, a stranger or an angel with Horns.


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Image Who She Was? She was the one who took the first step,She was…
by broken_teen
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