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Date Written: September 15, 2017

Healings take time. Healing hurts. Healings are welcomed.  Healings allowone to let go… let go of hurt. Hurt is  temporary… hurt goes away. Hurt is not everlasting… feelings are ever lasting.  Hurt doesnt have to stay with you.  Hurt doesnt have to haunt you anymore. Hurt can be gone now… but takes time. Its been two years since the hurt… i still fear it… i still feel it… i still live it. I wish i could forget about it, butvthat means forgetting everything from that person… as if they didn't exist. I dont want to forget them because that would devastate me. Im hurting … but not as much… i am getting better. I am getting better day by day… night by night… i miss the days but i know that person may not come back again so i have to let go because that person too is healing… i have to heal too.. its been two years and i want to move on with my life. 

I am healing.. i am getting better. 

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Image Scarz I am healing. I am healing from hurt. I am healing…
by Caesar Duran
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