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All We Need

Date Written: September 6, 2017

Sometimes all we need is a hug and no one available to give,

But most times all we need is God to distill pain from the lives we live.

All we need is prayer and let our worries, fears and battles to him impart,

He's maybe at a realm distances away but He'll be as close to the vibration of your voice and to the every beat of your broken heart.

Talk to him he's right there,

You'll feel a compelling prescence no need to fear.

Shed those tears if you feel,

Let them all flourish like water in the eye's spinning wheel.

Trust him to set you free,

Trust him to deliver you of stress, anxiety and misery.

Trust him to deliver you where you should be in the art of his miracles,

And trust him to make you stronger in overcoming the impeding obstacles.

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