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Body Conflict

Date Written: October 26, 2017

When my heart keeps telling me to go on,

My mind convinces me to move on.

To go on with love my heart says it's the best thing for I to do,

But my mind opposes and whispers, "He's no longer in love with you."

My heart clinging on to precious memories and that those moments will last,

Next my mind declaring, "Live in the present and forget about your past!"

My eye's now reminding me, "Remember how handsome and cute he looked,

And my mind shouted in the midst, "You cannot judge a cover and think it's what entirely in a book!"

My heart recalled the moment we first kissed along the sea shore,

And my body popped up reminiscing, "remember what he did to you on the floor?"

My mind said, "What does that all has to do with love and a guy treating you right?"

And my body replied, "It's kindness, him offering himself and time to please her every night!"

My heart continued, "You will never find a guy who will love you like him!"

And my mind exploded, "You are so blind! That guy is nothing else but sin!"


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