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Heartbroken Girl

Date Written: September 5, 2017

Cry no more heartbroken girl,

Close your lips to such unfortunate tale;

You're never alone, heart breaks are all around the world,

Hold their hands in a prayer and open your mind to optimism that joy will once again prevail.

Take a stroll in the afternoon along the beach,

And allow the sand to carress your feet;

Inhale, exhale and elevate your thoughts as far as the skies reach,

Differ them from the past as the sunset walks the horizon street.

Look how splendidly and wondrously it appears in grace,

It's telling the world a little story to bed;

That such is life, a time for everything, sometimes we'll go up, go down then upon our face,

But once we clear those close of pain with a smile, joy like the sun tomorrow in its fullness ahead.


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