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If Only She Knew

Date Written: September 6, 2017

Wind screens of trust broken and two lovers sitting on glass,

And for the sake of thoughts two front tires deflated, journey relocating to the past.

The glamor of the car tainted by the mere lack of respect,

And gear immovable to change a long and such a negative subject.

She cries, he tries and they all fighting to be right,

Twisted mindframes he's pressuring the door to leave her stranded in the night.

She holding on to precious memories and begging for him to stay,

He consented with conditions applied for her to do things but only his way.

But doing only what he wants makes him alone happy and the only one to gain,

While she's battling with insecurities and anxiety attacks springing from shattered trust inflicting her with pain.

He wants her by his side and she be there for him in a second,

But no drives to dates, no movies and no amusement parks but using her body like some sort of weapon.

She suffocating, love as a faint sensation expelling through the car's chest immensely out,

For the engine, the heart impaired, she then angrily expresses her disgust and finally in the heat he shows his true self as a monster ripping it to pieces can count.

The whole car, the whole relationship engulfed in a pillar of flames,

He managed to escape while she died in it all, but only if she knew the right guy was awaiting her around the corner with no childish games.

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