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Only A Beautiful Mystery

Date Written: October 19, 2017

When their lives are clinging on helplessly to a very soft beat of the heart,

And fear lashing you in every inch of your mind and ripping you gravely apart.

The chapters of their lives are at the winding-up moment which apparently you see,

And their sunset around the corner, death readying to take them to a land far beyond the sea.

How painful to face the fact that someone in a place of your heart will soon be gone,

And your world crumbling like a piece of paper and your strength is quickly diminishing  and next you feel as if you can't carry on.

Moments will grow old without them but the love inside you will still keep them alive,

They'll be forever with you, death doesn't mean that they have left you, it's only a beautiful mystery, why drown now in the doldrums you dive?



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