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There Comes A Time

Date Written: September 6, 2017

There comes a time our hearts no longer cling like two magnets of separate worlds,

And moments gone but not forgotton locked away in dark corners of our lives like them deep sea pearls.

There comes a time that half-moon on our faces in splendor, slowly descend in a drearisome twilight,

And our happiness wilts like roses in periods of drought, losing their pretty, green coat and crimson petals no longer bright.

There comes a time our we'll cry a river until our cherry eyes grow sore,

Then leisurely we'll fall asleep for the longest hours in search of graceful dreams for reality they aren't anymore.

There comes a time we'll stick at the phone hoping for a text or a call,

And a sudden rush having heard a sound, face lit then droopier than ever realising it's no one at all.

There comes a time we'll eat less and worry: why, what, what if, how and well all together,

Then come to realisation that what we thought might have been was tagged an expiry date that says, ''not forever.''

There comes a time we'll have to walk alone, face life as it is and distract ourselves from the pain,

And a time to dry our tears, smile sometimes and never ever lose hope that through the wondrousness of God we'll attain that inner joy once again.

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