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i’m really not comfortable

Date Written: September 18, 2017

i'm really not comfortable summiting poetry on this sight

thee changing hands swindling can be such a fright

gathering abstracting data right before your boold shot eye's

the hours hidden notion secret pages stocked piled with spies

awaiting a chance to delete your lively hood your pain and suffering

where is a safe place to write in private here on american shores

daily bread in words tainted by envy wrath and oh yes there is greed 

somehow summiting fine art to this corrupt sight there's really no need

2 comments on “i’m really not comfortable”

  1. comnpkpillai     September 18, 2017

    don’t worry. my documents are totally missing,. ypu should challenge this
    world wish you best. go ahead. find a way. I am at your position.

  2. sunburned     September 18, 2017


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