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To Be A Kid Again

Date Written: September 10, 2017

When your pouring 

I was reminiscing

The time when I was still a kid

A kid who doesn't mind anything

but to play outside under the rain


When your pouring

I was thinking

if I can do this thing again

getting washed under the rain

Without any feeling of

irritation and hesitation

but enjoys every drop of it


When your pouring

I was dreaming

To be a kid again

And enjoy every drop of rain

Not to stocked and lost in vain


When your pouring

I was wishing

I have a time machine 

To bring back the old time again


Oh, rain because of your cold breeze

I can stay and lay on my bed

for a long time with a cup of hot choco

and bread with a lot of cheese

I can freely reminisce, think, dream

and wish to be a kid again



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