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I’m not a Retard

Date Written: September 13, 2017

"Retard" they all say and laugh

I don't find it very funny

I wish they would stop on my behalf

It makes me feel quite like a dummy


"it's just a joke" they all respond

This makes it hard to speak

I try to act nonchalant

I've heard them call me a freak


They tell me that they're my friend

Do they think that makes it all better?

When I now think of how to put my life at an end

Lately terror has stricken over me when ever we are together


Fear of messing up

And a word I don't want mentioned

No one understands the feelings of a scrub

So that's how I got suspension


"Retard" a boy said to me

This time I didn't take as well

Next thing I knew he wasn't smiling with glee

Now I'm sure I'll go to hell


Why did my life have to be this way

I told everyone I wasn't stupid

My parents glared at me that day

They called me a doofus


For my words could not explain my actions

I stay alone at the house for days

All of my so called friends had the same reactions

None of it was praise


People should think about their words

Maybe if someone cared

They would realize it felt like stabbing swords

At least next time I'll be prepared 

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