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Inflections of Hot Sauce and Cinnamon

Date Written: October 6, 2017

God mummy of punky babies
Babe Babe Black Sheep

Wavy voice of multitudes
Lost, Floating, Evaporating
A translucent, wavering quiver
Shifty and Slight
Like…like…like a
Precious performance of overflowing nothings
So Dense and substantial they become everythings
Deep like Bioluminous fishies with glowy face lanterns

Cool and freaky
Pretend don’t give a damn
Cop an attitude type hardass
Meandering sweetheart
Perceptive Befuddlement
A stream of serendipitous encounters 

Soft, sweet, and loopy
Angelic seasaw lapsing, teetering
In and out betwixt everything and nothing

Escapades to stupid fantasies
Stained glass princess, windchimes, and
Candle drips melting down slick wine bottles

Gritty girlhood, intensely fragile
Evaporates if indulged too freely
Girly and swirly and dissipating into
Swirls Ballooning into color clouds and
Puffs diluted into the brain solvent
Like Holi festival paint bursts in slow motion
Food Color Droplets emanating like baby snails
Like tablets in acrid vinegar
For eggs on Easter, like
Jesus’ Second Coming
White Stuff
Volcanic Eruptions then
the lazy wandering fall of the sweetened lava
Down, down, down the gradient
Hot Sauce with defiant dignity
Cinnamon with sincere vulnerability

Ashy smoke clouds exit the cabbage-colored caterpillar
Looping vaporousness
Coated in the guise of sugar spice
She’s a baby plum
Swinging low and wistful
Forlorn, acute plum lady
Dancing and drifting in circle winds
She’s the breeze amalgamating in
Whirling azures peppered with debris
Go van Gogh she goes with the flow
Blown from the Zephyr’s plumped lips,
She turns and burns and somersaults
Flips and twisty-twirls and whirls
Airy but not at all papery

Twined elasticly about a cylinder
Barber shop red and blue thingy
Salmon cerulean waltz
Supertemporal in and out back and forth
Emulsions of tendrillars spiral together
Concentric spheres growing and shrinking
Concealing and Revealing
Alternating danger and beauty
Portrait of an Eye of the Storm
Hot & Cold gradations
Curlicue gyration lapsing into itself
She’s lost and pulled back from Abyssinia
Gravitates down from planetary Celestia
Gone and Back and Gone Again Come Back
Hang between

Dolly voice spasmodically
A voicebox for a precocious baby Barbie
But Barbara’s corrupted, perverted
In the next line
Moaning shit to God
Fiery groans spouting to violate the air 
Vocal graffiti
But the cherub Babs returns
And they are the same
Sexy incisive leather baby doll hallucinating

Black Sheepish and entranced
Invisible and shaky yet throaty, ragged, and jagged
A shattered jigsaw
Broken fragments
Stained glass Star of the Sea
Fallen from the pane beneath the steeple as
Fluorescent lightning ignited 
In the velvet grape monsoon
Mystic rose’s splintered remains rest
Refracting the disco lights of the tempest
Floating and sinking with fizzy carbonated bubbles
In a puddle equal parts spilt oil and holy water
Disintegrating light in a
Dirty prismic rainbow

Wet and Brittle, Drippy and Hazardous
Soaky china

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