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I’m With You

Date Written: September 2, 2017

I would go anywhere with you

Even if its leaving the world that we speak of,

Your presence delights me

I do not fear circumstance

Let the winds tell our fate

Because you are my reason in this world full of trouble

I will not fail and I will rise with grace

I will not want anything more, than to see in your eyes the opportunity of having faith

Put in mind that you can write your own history

Get up, start to write and walk

Reach paradise

And incase you doubt your path,

Look up and know, that actually, we are already home


Whatever road I take is guided by light

Needing nothing else like a journey to the moon but something beyond

Not one is forsaken, during the storm, we are calm

We are bind by the spirit

I could not want for anything more

These eyes have seen tears of separation

Everything has been written and taken care of


If dawn comes, and fate becomes your enemy

Keep your eyes on your path and trust that it will all pass

But remember!

If you doubt your path,

Look up and know, that actually, we are already home


Wipe your tears, know that I greive with you

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